Freestyle & Freeski

Freeski provides some of the best action of the Olympic disciplines, combining the high-flying tricks of freestyle skiing with the skill and excitement of snowboarding. The “Free” in the title refers to the freestyle origins of this discipline.

Epic tricks like multiple flips, and big air over 100 feet wow fans of this event. Competitors get two runs to showcase their best tricks, in an attempt to qualify for the finals.

Big Air

This event combines Alpine and Freestyle skills in timed head-to-head races. The course terrain incorporates big-air jumps and high-banked turns.

Ski Cross

In this event, competitors race down a designated course, hitting a variety of obstacles, jumps, and rails and doing backflips or other “impossible” acrobatic tricks. Harder tricks earn more points for originality, amplitude and execution.


About The Venues

Ski jumps in the distance at the Olympic Jumping Complex

Olympic Jumping Complex

One of the most-recognizable competition venues from the 1980 Winter Olympics is the Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex—home to 90- and 120-meter ski jumps. The Jumping Complex serves as a training ground for ski jumpers and aerialists year-round. 

Skiers on a snowy run at Gore Mountain ski resort

Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain is located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and boasts the largest trail and lift network in the state. The mountain offers more than 2500 vertical feet and four different peaks of terrain.