Figure Skating

Audiences all over the world find themselves captivated by Figure Skating, a beautiful, graceful and technical discipline that combines athleticism, dance, and artistry to inspire the human spirit. Competitions will include the Men’s and Women’s singles events, and Ice Dancing, with each competitor or team receiving a technical and component score. Singles events will have a Short Program and Free Skate; the Ice Dance competition will have the Rhythm Dance and Free Dance. Competitions will be held at the Olympic Center.

Individual male and female skaters will perform a choreographed program to music, which is then scored by a panel of judges.


Rooted in ballroom dancing, couples perform complex dance patterns, lifts, spins and footwork choreographed to music.

Ice Dance

About The Venue

A crowd looks on as a hockey game is played at the Olympic Center arena

Olympic Center: Skating Oval

Site of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games, including the legendary “Miracle on Ice,” the Olympic Center features three ice rinks: Herb Brooks Arena, Jack Shea Arena, and the USA Rink. It’s also home to the Lake Placid Olympic Museum.