Curling debuted at the inaugural Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France in 1924. It is an ancient Scottish sport featuring two teams, alternately sliding 42-pound granite stones down a 146-sheet of pebbled ice toward bullseye-like circles called “houses.” Teammates sweep the ice in front of the stone to reduce friction, allowing it to travel farther and straighter, if desired. A game is divided into “ends” (like innings). Only one team scores per end, that being the team finishing with its stone closest to the center of the house. One point is scored for each stone in the house closer to the center than the opponent’s closest stone.

Ten teams of four players will battle it out over nine games, with the top four teams advancing to the semifinals and medal matches.

Women’s Tournament

As with the women’s, tournament, 10 men’s teams will compete in a round robin tournament of eight-end games in a chase to the medals.

Men’s Tournament