Together We Can Save

A group of hockey players wait to play on a frozen pond while one of them clears the ice with a snow shovel

Save Winter is a movement to unite all of us who love winter to work as one to save the season of snow.

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Lake Placid 2023 FISU World Conference

Jan 12-20, 2023


Things we can all do to help Save Winter

More than 40 million of us enjoy winter sports and recreation. Save Winter will help ensure we’re doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the planet and enjoy winter as it was meant to be enjoyed. It’s about more than just now—it’s about keeping winter for generations to come.

To learn how we can have a positive impact, explore the Save Winter Eco Challenge. It provides information on how we can all work together to help save the season for everyone.

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Illustration of an airplane
Illustration of the sun and a thermometer
Illustration of a snowflake and a thermometer
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Well Dressed
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Cheap Hot Water
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Wasted Power
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Low Carbon Diet

Get more cold, hard facts on how to save winter

Eco Challenge