Medical Know Before You Go

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Stay up-to-date with general medical information and COVID-19 regulations and requirements.

COVID Information

The Lake Placid 2023 Organizing Committee would like to give a brief overview of the current COVID-19 requirements for entry into the United States.

Please be aware, these are the policies and procedures currently in place. You can find the most up-to-date information on the CDC’s website.


CDC Guidelines

COVID Vaccination Policy

Currently, the U.S. is requiring everyone who enters the country to be fully vaccinated from an accepted and authorized COVID-19 vaccine provider (please note, there are vaccines used in other countries that are NOT approved in the U.S. and WILL NOT meet the criteria for entry).

Acceptable COVID-19 vaccines

Acceptable proof for COVID-19 vaccines

COVID Vaccine Exceptions

Unfortunately, there are very limited exceptions to those who are allowed to travel without a vaccine from an authorized provider. If you are allowed the exception, you will be required to follow additional guidelines for the length of stay.

Exceptions and requirements for unvaccinated travelers

COVID Testing Resources

The U.S. was mandating that all travelers have proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within one day of departure—this is currently suspended and will be reassessed by September 12, 2022.  We expect it will be in effect during the Lake Placid 2023 FISU Games. Documentation of recovery from COVID-19 within the last 90 days, along with a letter from a public health official clearing you for travel, is also accepted.

Information about COVID-19 testing

COVID Travel Information

Masks are still strongly recommended when travelling. If you are currently unvaccinated or vaccinated with an unapproved vaccine, it is recommended that you get vaccinated with an approved option as soon as possible.

Up-to-date COVID-19 travel Information

COVID Booster Policy

While you are not required to get a booster to enter the U.S., NOT getting a booster if you are eligible WILL affect your ability to participate in the Lake Placid 2023 FISU World University Games if you are exposed to COVID-19.

COVID New York State Quarantine Requirements

Effective 31 May 2022, New York State updated its quarantine requirements.  If any person is exposed to Covid- 19 and has not received the boosters they are eligible for, they will be required to quarantine (Day 0 = last exposure, with days 1-5 of quarantine, get tested at day 5 or later.  You must still wear a mask when around others for days 6-10.)

General Medical Information

Spectator Medical Aid Stations (SMS) and Athlete Medical Aid Stations (AMS) will be provided at the Games competition venues.

  • SMS provides immediate medical assistance to spectators and all-day guests. These medical stations will be staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians and will be open during normal venue hours.  Medical stations are basic first aid stations, for light medical issues, and can assist with transportation for any moderate to severe medical issues.
  • AMS will open one hour before competitions and official trainings begin and will close 30 minutes after the finish. These will be staffed with physicians and Emergency Medical Technicians.  Medical stations are basic first aid stations, for light medical issues, and can assist with transportation for any moderate to severe medical issues.
  • Mobile medical crews will be located in the competition zones of the competition venues.
    1. All official training and competition will be staffed by a physician at the Field of Play Medical Station.
    2. All sports will have assistance from Emergency Medical Technicians.
    3. Freestyle & freeski, Snowboard, Alpine, ski jumping and Nordic Combined ski jumping events will have specialized Ski Patrol.
    4. For Alpine sports, the Mobile Medical Crews will work on the slopes depending on the sport discipline; for open-air cross-country sports, the Mobile Medical Crews will work in the finish zone and for the indoor ice sports, they will work in close proximity to the ice arena.
  • Ambulance crews will be at the competition venues during official training and competition.
  • Dedicated hospitals and specialized medical facilities will assist in the care of moderate to severe medical issues, please see the Medical Services and Doping Control Guide for detailed information.

Regional Medical Info

Lake Placid – Central Region

A medical station will provide first aid at the Main Medical Center at Lake Placid Sports Medicine from 7 to 24 January 2023. Delegations members and credentialled persons can receive medical care free of charge at this location. The general public can use their personal health insurance to receive medical services at Adirondack Sports Medicine.  Hours of operation 09:00- 19:00.  The Main Medical Center in the Host City is for mild to moderate medical problems and is located at 203 Old Military Road, Lake Placid, NY.

Adirondack Medical Center Emergency Rooms are located at 203 Old Military Road, Lake Placid, NY and 2233 Route 86, Saranac Lake, NY. These will be open 24 hours/day (the Lake Placid Emergency Room hours are to be determined, not less than 08:00-20:00). A hotline for general medical questions is available: number to be determined. Specialized physician, diagnostics and therapies are available.

Canton/Potsdam – West Region

The Athlete Village Medical Station will be located at Knowles Hall (VW1) from 7 to 24 January 2023.  Hours of operation 09:00- 19:00. Canton/Potsdam Hospital Emergency Room, located at 50 Leroy Street, Potsdam, NY, will be open 24 hours/day.

Glens Falls Queensbury – Southern Region

The Athlete Village Medical station will be located at the Great Escape Lodge (VS1) from 7 to 24 January 2023.  Hours of operation 09:00- 19:00.  Glens Falls Hospital Emergency Room, located at 100 Park Street, Glens Falls, NY, will be open 24 hours/day.



More information will be available in the Medical Service Guide, which is expected to be published in September 2022.

Chief Officer and Coordinators

Chief Medical Officer/Head of Medical: Tracey Viola

Coordinator of Venues Medical Services: Celeste Gabai

Coordinator of Village Medical Services: Rick Preston

Coordinator of Emergency Medical Services: Patty Bashaw

Coordinator of Medical Volunteers: Sue Cameron

Lead Venue Physicians

Lead Physician Whiteface Mountain: Hamish Kerr

Lead Physician Olympic Center: Brady Bowen

Lead Physician Olympic Jumping Complex: Peter Obourn

Lead Physician Maxcy Hall: Giselle Aerni

Lead Physician Cheel Arena: Jamie Schleuter

Lead Physician Mt. Van Hoevenberg: Bjorn Bakken

Lead Physician Gore Mountain: Trevor Black

Lead Physician Saranac Lake Civic Center: Rondy Lazaro

Lead Physicial Roos House: Ivett Guttmann

Lead Village Physicians

Lead Physician Main Medical Center: Andrew Getzin

Lead Physician Knowles Hall: Liz Manetta

Lead Physician Great Escape Lodge: Katie Dolbec

Lead Physician Paul Smiths College: Erin Morine