Short Track Speed Skating: 500m W/M + 3000m W/5000m M Relay + 2000m Mixed Team Relay


January 20
4:00 pm - 7:40 pm
Olympic Center: 1932 Rink

Men’s and Women’s 500m: In this event, four skaters complete 4.5 laps, at speeds up to 25mph, and “lean” into the corners to counter the 3.0 G-force. Racers attempt to get out in front at the start and maintain their position. Mixed Team Relay: Two females will skate the first rounds of this race, and then two men skate the next two rounds. Skaters alternate this pattern until the end of the race. Gates open 1 hour prior to event start time.

About the Venue

Olympic Center: 1932 Rink