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Previous Lake Placid sporting events including figure skating, ski jumping, the Miracle on Ice, and alpine skiing.

The Winter World University Games is the largest winter multi-sport collegiate athletic event in the world.

The 11-day international festival and competition combines high-level sport with educational and cultural events, all taking place in Lake Placid and nearby towns.

In 2018, former Governor Cuomo announced that Lake Placid was selected to host the 2023 World University Games. New York State is proud to be hosting these games and looks forward to showcasing New York and the North Country to an international audience.

The Lake Placid World University Games Logo

Lake Placid was the host city of the winter World University Games in 1972, with its logo designed by Lake Placid native Robert Whitney. He also designed the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics logo.

The primary goal of creating a new logo for this event is the expression of movement and energy—representing the spirit of athleticism and competition on display at the World University Games. Secondly, the logo was designed to celebrate New York state and Lake Placid’s legacy of winter sports excellence. With a nod to the imagery of the Official New York state seal, and a color palette that parallels the New York State of Opportunity™ brand, there’s a strong visual connection to New York state as a whole.

Logo for the 1972 World Winter World University Games held in Lake Placid.
Original 1972 Logo

The central figure represents a student athlete as the focal point of the Games, while simultaneously forming a wintry landscape. The dual image speaks to the human connection to nature and the Games’ focus on climate and sustainability.

Finally, the bold brushwork used in the logo elements gives the artwork a traditional and accessible human feel. All of which is balanced by a vibrant color palette, featuring warm and cool gradients for a contemporary feel.

It’s no wonder visitors and athletes alike have long been attracted to New York state for its postcard-perfect vistas and world-class sporting events. Put simply, this logo captures the charm of Lake Placid, the excitement of the games and the spirit of New York state.

Logo for the Lake Placid 2023 World University Games.
Lake Placid 2023 Logo